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AFQUS transforms revolutionary brand concepts into groundbreaking reality for our clients

Our Web Design and Development professionals aim to provide you nothing but the most beautiful designs.

We apply our digital knowledge to your business’s goals and budget to create a scope of work that will help you grow your business. Whether you’re looking to start a website from scratch or want to market your existing website

We build and deliver products that make an impact. Working together with our clients as true partners in a collaboration process, we couple our expertise in technology and user experience design to yield results.

The big opportunities are born from having taken advantage of the small ones.




Is a full-service digital company that is dedicated to growing your business online through website design and development. Our services are based around helping you grow and increase revenue with real results. We’re a team that specializes in various areas of the web, ranging from server maintenance to web design and development.

  • We believe in building software that improves lives through research, design, and technology.
  • We strive for Excellence

When  a potential client first inquiry about our services. We will speak with you to learn more about your business, your goals, your budget, and overall what you’re looking to accomplish. From there, we’ll discuss internally what we think would be the best fit and present pricing and options. Before reaching out to us, it would be best to think about:


Providing us with this information is invaluable and will help us tremendously in crafting the right digital approach for you. It’s okay if you’re unsure about the above and we can help you define your budget and goals.


We hope that from now on our team becomes your team. We desire that all of your projects are developed the best, fastest and most importantly the smartest way possible. You need people that are easy to reach and help you develop everything as it where their own, whit the same passion you would. In AFQUS that’s our commitment. To start properly let us introduce our selves.


Andres quintana

Co fOunder/ president

Andres Quintana is an entrepreneur based in Orange County, California. Though the last three years he has built his social connections and academic background as a Computer Science & Engineering, so he can broaden his family business for any services related to development of software. He is currently the President and Chief Executive Officer of AFQUS and a co-founder of AFQ Corporations. Andres created this team with the purpose of an impactful digital experience that encourage growth for any kind of businesses.


Sandun nissanka

Co fOunder/ vice president

Sandun is a serial Entrepreneur based in Orange County, California. Throughout the last four years, he helped to form a series of startups and maintained businesses to find the right connections. His academic background is in Intelligence and Cyber Operations, also in Business Development & Entrepreneurship. He’s currently the President of AFQ Corporations, Vice President of LAVSH Consulting Co. And also serving as the CEO of AFQ Records.


Santiago del campo


Santiago del Campo is Colombian an entrepreneur, whit academic background in software systems engineering. He’s currently the COO at AFQUS, also the CEO and founder at Colombian code technologies, a software company and CryptoCol, a cryptocurrency trading platform. Also the Co-founder and president at SDGTowers group, a company which offers various products and services. Santiago has always stood out for his leadership skills and his dedication to all the projects his involved with. Furthermore he has always been a humble and easy to reach person who’s always ready to help and listen to others.

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The digital world is changing fast, and your business should be ready to embrace what’s next.
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Web development

Our web development process is geared toward an intuitive experience for users. We create products that are both aesthetically pleasing and user friendly


Our team uses our expertise in design and development


We work to grow and maintain a transparent collaboration that extends beyond a launch date. From concept to delivery, we offer solutions that will ensure a successful product


We focus on creating an unforgettable web experience for your user with state of art web design and development solutions.


We want to ensure we’re building products that people need and enjoy using, which requires us to think about how the users will be interacting with a process.

We want to ensure we’re building products that people need and enjoy using, which requires us to think about how the users will be interacting with a process.

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A launch date doesn’t mean “goodbye.” We continue collaborating for exponential success, keeping you and your products online. (Monitoring & Ongoing Maintenance)

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